Searching for Easy Payment Solutions? Our Sales Manager, Michael Nelson, Can Help

Searching for Easy Payment Solutions? Our Sales Manager, Michael Nelson, Can Help

Like it or not, if you own a business, you’re going to need some kind of payment processing.

But our industry doesn’t do much to clarify things for merchants, and for the most part, it fails to provide easy payment solutions, keeping everything as convoluted as possible.

That being said, we understand how difficult it can be for business owners like you to try to understand what payment processing is, how it works, what exactly it is you’re paying for, and what provider you should choose to get the best service and the best deal.

With that in mind, at Lucid Payments, we’re on a mission to protect the best interests of business owners, provide easy payment solutions, and give you greater clarity on your payment processing.

And if there’s one member of our team who best embodies these goals, it has to be our long-time Sales Manager, Michael Nelson.

Our customers are constantly raving about the services Michael provides, as he loves to go above and beyond for them in whatever way he can.

As a show of our appreciation, we want to take this opportunity to highlight Michael’s dedication to our customers and introduce him to merchants like you.

So, if you’re searching for easy payment solutions, and you need someone to answer your questions and help you get everything set up, keep reading to learn how Michael can help.


Looking for Easy Payment Solutions? Michael Can Help

Looking for Easy Payment Solutions Michael Can Help

Whether you’re in the market for online payment solutions, payment solutions for retail, or something else entirely, Michael can make everything easy for you.

But before we go any further into that, let’s take a moment to get to know Michael a bit better.

Michael has been doing sales in one form or another for the last 25 years, he’s been with Lucid Payments for the last six years, and he currently lives in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

Aside from his work in sales, before Michael joined Lucid Payments, he worked as a DJ for 27 years and ran his own IT business, which involved things like setting up networks and installing surveillance cameras.

Michael is also a single dad with four kids and the proud owner of a Chihuahua named Gringo.

When he’s not helping business owners, hanging out with family, or walking the dog, Michael loves to spend time cruising around on his Onewheel and dancing at music festivals.


Why Michael Chose to Work for Lucid Payments

Why Michael Chose to Work for Lucid Payments

Before starting with Lucid Payments, Michael had an awful experience working for another payment processor, not least because he felt like they weren’t being honest with him.

This was having a decidedly negative effect on Michael’s ability to do his job, and if they weren’t being honest with him, then you can bet they were doing the same thing with their customers.

“I worked for them for about three months,” he said. “And I walked away from it because I was ready to pull out my hair. I couldn’t even get answers to simple questions.”

Then he spoke to our VP of Operations, Steven Cumiskey, and that one phone call was enough to change Michael’s perspective on our industry.

Steven was able to answer almost all the questions Michael had, and the couple of things that he didn’t know offhand, he got back to him about the next day.

“I’ve used the term smoke and mirrors as my description of this industry,” said Michael. “But Lucid Payments offered all the clarity I was missing.”

What’s more, our mission, which is to protect the best interests of business owners, give them greater clarity, and provide simplified payment processing, really resonated with Michael.

“That’s exactly how I live my life,” he said. “When somebody needs something, I’m going to try and figure out a way to help them. And if I can’t, I’m going to try and find somebody I know who can.”

As a business owner himself, the most fulfilling part of Michael’s role with Lucid Payments has been helping other business owners.

Whether it’s helping them set up their equipment, showing them how to operate it, explaining how our industry works, going over their statements to explain what they’re paying for, or helping them save money on their payment processing, there’s nothing Michael loves more.


How Michael Has Helped Our Customers

How Michael Has Helped Our Customers

Throughout his more than six years with Lucid Payments, Michael has helped countless customers.

Whether it’s issues with equipment, poor customer service, or just being tired of paying too much, if you’ve got a problem with your payment processing, or you’re looking for easy payment solutions, chances are, he can help.

And to give you a better idea of how he can help, here are some examples of what Michael has been able to accomplish for our customers:


Chief’s Pub & Eatery

Before choosing to work with Lucid Payments, Chief’s Pub & Eatery used to have lots of technical issues with the outdated payment terminals that were provided by their previous processor.

Michael recently switched them over to newer and more reliable machines, which has solved all of these problems for them, and we were even able to save them over 60 per cent on their monthly processing costs.


Mullets Barbershop

When they opened their first location about three years ago, Michael was able to help Mullets Barbershop get their payment processing set up and made sure they understood everything.

Since then, they’ve opened four more locations, and as a result of how happy they’ve been with the service Michael’s provided, they’ve chosen to work exclusively with Lucid Payments for their payment processing.


Party Chef

Party Chef, which combines a restaurant and local artisanal market, had a rough start when they launched a couple of years ago.

When they first opened, they went with a processor from Ontario, and within the first two days, they were already having issues accepting Mastercard and debit payments.

The following week, they agreed to go with Lucid Payments, and Michael was able to solve these problems by switching them to a more reliable and efficient payment terminal.

Shortly after that, they wanted to launch their website, so Michael worked with them on the initial setup, and he’s always available to answer any questions they have.

“I highly recommend Michael for his exceptional local service, strong communication skills, and willingness to go above and beyond to assist. He is always readily available to provide support and ensures that his clients receive the attention they need. Whether it’s a quick question or a more complex issue, Michael is consistently reliable and responsive,” said Party Chef’s owner, Lydia Neergaard.

“His dedication to helping others is evident in his proactive approach to problem-solving and his genuine interest in addressing clients’ needs. I have been consistently impressed with his professionalism and commitment to delivering top-notch service. I am grateful for his assistance and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”


What Our Customers Have to Say About Michael

What Our Customers Have to Say About Michael

We’re constantly getting compliments from satisfied customers who can’t help but rave about the experience they’ve had working with Michael.

Whether it’s his helpful and friendly demeanour, dedication, expertise, or ability to provide easy payment solutions, our customers have no shortage of good things to say about him.

One look at our Google reviews, many of which mention Michael by name, should be enough evidence of that. Here are some of the compliments he’s received so far:


Still searching for easy payment solutions? You can call Michael at (403) 396-6941, email him at, or contact us for more information.

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