Tanya Healey

My rep Michael Pivitol is amazing. Always very helpful and quick at handling situations. I am new to the business and he was very thorough and explained things so that I completely understood. He checks in with me on a regular basis to ensure that things are good. Lucid is very lucky to have such

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Rachel Bolongaro

Very happy with our new system. Much more reliable than our last terminals. We had some initial teething problems but Janelle was great – came out and kept coming out until it was fixed. Great customer service!

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Anita G.

Janelle Cumiskey is so knowledgeable and helpful! She explained the way payment processing works so thoroughly, and when we were having issues during our initial setup, she was on it right away and had the issue resolved so quickly. Her customer service is above what we could have hoped to expect!

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Cynthia Morton

This is our second business that we dealt with Michael for our debit and credit processing system. He always takes the time to help with any issue or questions that we had. Professional at all times and with a cool head. We highly recommend Michael for any of your processing needs.

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Auguston Coffee

Janelle and the team at Lucid Payments have been nothing but professional! They got us a great rate compared to where we were with our last provider & we couldn’t be happier! Lucid Payments has kept in communication with us, something we’ve never gotten from our old provider. Making the switch was one of the

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Jerome Vollmin

The Representative in my area, Michael Nelson has great customer service, he is approachable and knowledgeable, he is the most helpful rep I have had in 10 years of being in business. So far my experience with Lucid is impressive and from start to finish setting up my system has been simple and every step

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Abbotsford Physiotherapy

We recently switched to Lucid Payments from one of the big, well-known companies with the typical high rates. From the time we filled out the application, answered all our questions, ordered us different machines without hesitation and not to mention the savings we will have, dealing with Janelle has been awesome to say the least!

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