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Why You Should Support Local & Small Businesses | Lucid Payments | Merchant Processing

For the last few years, a change in the way we shop has come about. We are starting to see more and more consumers turning away from the big-box retailers, and turning to those mom and pop stores and local businesses. Besides staying in your town for all your shopping needs, there are many other benefits to having consumers shop local.

1. Know the people behind the product/brand
It’s always nice building a personal connection with the people behind what you’re buying or the service they offer. It can help build a better and more prosperous business all the while helping the customer satisfy their needs that a big-box store may not be able too.

2. Better customer service/more personalized
Many large corporations cannot help you at a face-to-face level. There is the endless on-hold, dealing with a manager, call-centre, etc. and the needs of a customer is put on the back burner in comparison to what else the company is dealing with. When you shop local, you are directly talking to someone in store who knows the business and can try and solve your concern right on the spot. You feel taken care of and that your business truly matters.

3. Makes an economic impact
The more you shop and support local compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle much more and care about their economy – enriching the whole community.

4. Keeps your community unique
It gives your community/town a flare like no other. It’s nice to be able to walk down your street to your favourite local coffee shop that you know is like no other.

5. Create a sense of community
You’re much more likely to get to know a small business owner in your neighborhood then you are a large retail store. This creates a welcoming environment, a strong personal relationship you wouldn’t get else, and new friendships and bonds can be formed.

6. More Jobs & Wages
You create more opportunities amongst your community. There is potential for better wages and benefits compared to chains.


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